Let It Burn

First off, I want to congratulate Sito and Merari on their marriage and also to those who made the effort to come out and witness such a beautiful event. I wanted to write a quick post, because if you know me, I am better at expressing myself through words, not so much speaking. But I wanted to give a few words to my best friend Sito and my dear friend Merari as they begin their journey into eternity.

I want to thank Sito for being such an amazing man. He will always be my brother and best friend. It was bitter sweet for me to see him get married to the love of his life. To say his beautiful vows (which sounded like a modern day Shakespeare by the way), to be the first one in our family to be married and to do most of the work by himself. I must say I couldn’t be anymore proud of him. He’s a rare human being, and I want to thank Merari for seeing that in him.

It is moments like these that I thought would never come. When he proposed in Brooklyn NYC, I thought I had eons of time to enjoy the moments I had with Sito. Now, he is married (and I’m sure, happily de-virginized).

But, as a friend to you Merari, and a brother to you Sito I want to give you my blessing. May Jesus be the center of your marriage, from now until forever. When the going gets tough, you both have the ambition and determination to get through. If you ever run short of the meaning of love, remember Jesus and his unconditional love for this world. And remember the devine strength that only comes from the creator of it all. He is everything wonderful and beautiful. So pursue the mystery and you will also find wonder and beauty as well.

What happened Saturday was in my eyes, a start of a flame. A flame that is freshly burning and giving light. The two of you make this thing work, and should endeavor the opportunity you both have to keep it alive. Let your love shine though the world and let them see Jesus through that flame. Maintain the flame when it goes weary, and when it is hot, burn the hell of your goals and dreams. Burn your worries and stresses to the dirt. Let failure be your fuel and success the matches. Let it be your place of comfort and of rest. Let it burn for as long as you both shall live and remember how the flame started.

So, as cheesy as fire sounds in relation to marriage, I think it is insanely accurate (or I’m just really a metaphorical person). The combination of “Otis and Malli” has some badassery to it, and I hope y’all take advantage of that.

You guys enjoy your time together. I will see you soon!


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